A Certain Hunger

He wasn’t the one. She knew that as soon as they sat down, but she held out hope that he would surprise her. After about three hours, she left the date feeling unsurprised and unsatisfied. She hoped the next one would have that spark she craved. She had met a few before who seemed they might fit the bill, but each one of them ended with the same disappointment. Each one of them refused to give her what she wanted. She had read that Native Americans believed that sleeping with someone would transfer their power to you. This was bullshit. She never felt anything but emptiness on the few occasions that she did let them in. However, she had also read that in other places in the world, eating the flesh of another would yield similar results. She wondered if the next date would prove this theory correct. She chewed slowly, thinking it would probably be just as unsatisfying as the last. But she wasn’t going to give up yet. She swallowed before cutting off another chunk of meat and popping it into her mouth. Chewing even slower than before, savoring the taste.

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